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Emily Christian-Michaels

Emily Christian-Michaels: Childbirth Educator and Birth Doula

Emily found love in the birth community after having her son, Ellington. She learned first hand that pregnancy and birth does not always go as planned but with the right education, support and encouragement you can still have the beautiful birthing experience you would like.


Shortly after having her first son in an unmedicated induction at 37 weeks with the Midwife Center at Mercy hospital, Emily became a trained Childbirth Educator and Doula. Within a month of her training she supported a family in the delivery of their first child and she hasn’t looked back! In the last three years Emily has supported all types of pregnancies, births and occasionally losses. From scheduled C-section, to natural unmedicated, to planned epidural and everything in between Emily brings her expertise and unique ability to confidently direct the tone of a room and manage both the physical and emotional roller coaster that is labor and delivery.


For Emily, pregnancy and birth are life changing experiences regardless of the type of birth you wish to have. The journey of self-discovery and determination it takes to grow a baby, prepare for a baby and then birth that baby is incomparable to any other life experience. She believes that education and support are the keys to having a satisfying and empowering labor and delivery experience and is eager to help you along your own journey.


Emily lives in the community of Bellevue with her husband Sam, two boys ( Ellington, 3 and Bowie, 1) her dog Didion and cats, Harper and Truman. In addition to being a doula and childbirth educator, Emily is a dog trainer and owner of a local fitness studio.