Birth Education: The Truth Behind Childbirth Education | Boundless Birth
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Childbirth Education

Knowledge is Power!

As doulas and childbirth educators, our goal at Boundless Birth is to give you the tools to make your parenting journey successful. Classes may be added to any of our birth or postpartum packages, and are also available on their own.

Childbirth Basics - $300

Do you want to learn the ins and outs of childbirth without committing to a 12-hour class? This might be the class for you! This is a private, 3-hour childbirth class where we come to you. We will teach you the basics of what you REALLY need to know. The best part is that this class is tailored to your birth plan, pregnancy, questions, and delivery location.


We will cover:

    • Stages of labor and mechanics of physiological childbirth
    • What the process looks like – from the first signs of labor through delivery
    • An overview of medical interventions and how to make informed choices
    • How to prepare for and practice pushing
    • Last weeks of pregnancy and prepping for birth
    • Signs of labor and when to go to the hospital.


Plus lots more!

Childbirth Basics

Breastfeeding Basics - $200

What does breastfeeding or chestfeeding your baby really look like? This is a private, 2-hour class where we come to you. Our goal is to give you practical information about how to navigate this new stage of you and your baby’s life. 


We will cover:

    • The mechanics of breastfeeding and how it works
    • Breastfeeding in the first few hours/days
    • Overview of helpful positions and how to encourage a good latch
    • How your milk supply is regulated, and how best to maintain it
    • What you should actually buy and how to use it
Postpartum Doula support can be infant care.

Newborn SOS! - $200

So you just arrived home with a newborn in hand, recovering from childbirth and already lacking sleep…. now what? Never fear, Boundless Birth is here! We come to you in the first few days at home to help you settle in and review all the things you’ve forgotten or didn’t know about postpartum with a newborn. 


We will cover:

    • Challenges with breastfeeding or bottle feeding
    • Troubleshoot your eating, sleeping, and diaper changing routines
    • Newborn sleep tips and how to start bedtime routines on the right foot
    • How do you swaddle a baby again?
    • How to optimize your own sleep
    • Troubleshoot a fussy or gassy baby, and tips to relieve them
Newborn SOS

We would love to join your birth team!